Web Applications

Developing business applications using web-based technology has almost completely taken over the industry. There are quite a few huge benefits that make it an obvious choice in most situations:

  1. Single deployment – You only need to deploy the application on a central server, and all users can access it. This significantly reduces the support on the application, as no software needs to be installed on each users computer.
  2. Ease of updates – You only need to update the application in one spot, and then all users immediately have access to the new versions.
  3. Remote workers – The application, if allowed, and be accessed by any employee regardless of physical location.
  4. Fault-Tolerance – Since the system runs in a specially designed data center, it is much more fault tolerant.

We recommend web applications for almost all of the systems we build, as they just make sense.

Contact us today and we can explain the differences and help you choose!


What our customers are saying

Burada's technical skills are top of the line.
- SpeedPlexer
Performed exactly what I was looking for. Great communication! I look forward to working with Burada again!
- nFlux Solutions
Burada took a concept that I was not sure was even possible and had it to me in just a few days. The program works better than I could ever imagine, and I would recommend their work to anyone looking for a fast, reliable and knowledgable programmer.
- Entwined
So far Burada has completed all we've asked for in a timely manner. They are very easy to work with.
- IT Powered
5 star work done by the Burada team.
I use Burada every time I need some programming done now because of his speed and reliability, they're one of the best!
- Atherbys
Burada's low key, no nonesense approach to provide us with solutions to complex challenges has been ideal for us.
- Advanced Assessments
Burada did a great job communicating and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a programmer they can trust over the web.
- GoToMyPortal