Our SmartStart Process

Are you having a hard time comparing apples to apples?

We hear that often. You’re calling around, trying to get an idea of what a project will cost you.

But, one company is shooting you one number, another is shooting you 10x, and another is so low you know you can’t believe it!

You’re then left wondering which one to trust. As a result, you don’t trust any of them.

The problem is this. The sales team in many companies are driven to give you a quote as rapidly as possible.

You see, this allows them to get your project “in the pipeline” and represented as a deal to their upper managers.

We do it differently here because we know that when we give you a number, you’re going to make business decisions off of that number.

You know that these decisions that will affect the health and well-being of your company, employees, and customers.

So we take it seriously. Welcome to “The MindMap 38 Point Deep Dive“.

The MindMap 38 Point Deep DiveSmartStart

During this process, we take you through our proprietary planning system called “The MindMap 38 Point Deep Dive”.

Using revolutionary planning tools, combined with our extensive knowledge of building long lasting, highly effective software platforms, we rapidly boost your project forward.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the key areas that we cover during this process:

Value Clarification

If you don’t understand the true value of what a fully custom automated system is for your business, then you will undoubtedly make poor choices in assigning resources to complete the project.

How will you know the level of effort required? Or how will  you even know what type of budget you should have for a project like this?

Resource Planning

Any initiative of this scale requires resources. We’re not talking about our resources; we’re talking about your resources.

How much of your personal time is needed? Do you need to dedicate staff on your side? Will you be able to respond quickly enough to not cause project delays? Do you have the right people on your side to make the project successful? Will your ongoing business events jeopardize this project? Most importantly, how can we overcome these problems to ensure a successful project?


You’re not an expert in technology, nor should you be. In fact, that’s why you’re looking for a firm like ours, to lean on and to learn from.

How do you build a system that will last 5, 10, 15 years into the future? What technologies do you pick? How do you know it will scale to meet growing needs? How do you make sure you don’t “paint yourself into a corner”? How do you know that you aren’t using one of the new “fad” technologies that the computer geeks are all flocking to but will vanish in a year or two?


You know what your problem or opportunity is. You are an expert in your particular business. However, you are probably not an expert in identifying and being able to predict the types of features you will actually need, beyond the core set that you know. This is where our decades of perspective come into play.

One great idea from our team is all it takes to pay for our QuickStart Process many times over, or save you from a potential nightmare that will cost you even more.

How do you know you’re not missing something? Do you know yet the common difficulties you’ll run into when using the system? Do you know the best practices in this industry for solving certain problems?


The most valuable part of our process is the ideation (the formation of ideas and concepts). When you work with a sole developer, freelancer, staffing company, you completely lose out on this value. We’ve built a huge variety of systems for dozens of industries and have learned alot  as a result. During our process, you gain the benefit of that experience and are able to combine ideas and best practices into your own solution as well. 

So how much does this cost?

We charge a fixed one-time fee to take you through the MindMap 38 Point DeepDive.

How long does it take?

The process generally takes two weeks.

How much am I involved?

You need to be available to meet every business day for 30-60 minutes if needed, otherwise it might not be a good fit for you, or might take much longer than expected.

Will you price my project?

Yes, at the end of this process, we will present to you a true FIXED price to develop the project, not just an “estimate” like  you might receive from other firms.

Our 100% money back guarantee

Did we forget to mention that we offer a 100% money back guarantee? That’s how confident we are of the value provided. At the end of this process, if you don’t believe that you received many times the value from what you paid, just let us know, and we’ll send your money back!

How do I buy it?

If you haven’t yet been in touch with us, the first step is to fill out our Get Started form by clicking here. We’ll promptly get back in touch (usually the same day) and schedule a free initial call. If it’s a good fit, then we’ll offer you the opportunity to go through the process with us, and discuss price and timing as well.



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Burada's technical skills are top of the line.
- SpeedPlexer
Performed exactly what I was looking for. Great communication! I look forward to working with Burada again!
- nFlux Solutions
Burada took a concept that I was not sure was even possible and had it to me in just a few days. The program works better than I could ever imagine, and I would recommend their work to anyone looking for a fast, reliable and knowledgable programmer.
- Entwined
So far Burada has completed all we've asked for in a timely manner. They are very easy to work with.
- IT Powered
5 star work done by the Burada team.
I use Burada every time I need some programming done now because of his speed and reliability, they're one of the best!
- Atherbys
Burada's low key, no nonesense approach to provide us with solutions to complex challenges has been ideal for us.
- Advanced Assessments
Burada did a great job communicating and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a programmer they can trust over the web.
- GoToMyPortal